Meet Alexis Concetta 

Hey! I'm Alexis Concetta Montalvo! I thought I had a good grip on who I was, but then I became a first time mommy in the middle of a world pandemic and boy, did I find a new woman in me! 

Born in Brooklyn, and raised there for most of my life, I held on to my city identity. I moved a lot during my childhood and wanted to hold on to the one place that truly made me who I was. Being a city girl instilled resilience and dedication in me. I worked hard academically, advocated for what I wanted and created vision for where I wanted to go in life.


I met my husband in college during the semester where I tried to go away & dorm but then ran home before the semester was over. LOL. We rekindled about 3 years later during my senior year of college. Within 6 months we moved in together and began building our dream life. In just 5 short years, we have been able to obtain 6 educational degrees, buy our home, financially plan for our future, while continuing to pay off my student debt. 

When I'm not teaching my preschool students the days of the week or browsing the shelves at Target, I enjoy working out & cooking with my husband. You'll often hear me joke about my Westchester Wifestyle, that is decorating our home to look like a Home & Gardens mag cover, or whipping up 3 course meals for just the two of us. 

Recently, I started this site after my empowering experience during childbirth. While preparing for the birth of our child, both my husband and I contracted COVID-19. Thankfully, we both fully recovered and are healthy now. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named William George under some extremely difficult circumstances, yet I wanted to share my story to empower other women who are birthing through this pandemic & other hardships. The steps I took for the preparation for my birth, as well as maintaining a fit lifestyle & good eating habits (with the exception of some donuts here and there!) helped shape the beautiful birth story I hold dear to my heart. 

I aim to inspire all those I come into contact with. I hope to bring joy, spread awareness & share the little things that make life happy & simple!